Lift Chairs

When you or a loved one need a little extra help getting out of the chair, then consider buying one of our Lift Recliners. Lift chairs are great for people with disabilities, arthritis, pregnant, or those who have a hard time getting out of truly comfy chairs! A lift recliner will help give you that boost that you need to get out of the chair. With a seat weight capacity of anywhere from 300 to 450 pounds, these chairs provide sturdy support for a person of any size. With easy to use hand control for the reclining mechanism and emergency power assistance, you will never have to worry about getting stuck in a luxuriously comfy lift chair! Quality construction, a steel seat box, an unitized steel base, and high-grade furniture joinery create a durable frame that will give you years of maintenance free use. Our lift recliners, also, have the quietest reclining mechanisms on the market. These large-scale, heavy-duty recliners are available in a variety of elevated seat angles including a full layout mode to appease your desire for an amazingly cozy recliner. So, go ahead, sit back, and relax because you won’t find better prices for lift recliners anywhere on the Internet!